Is this a drench or can you put it in their feed?

All N is palatable enough that they will eat it in their feed but we like to drench them to ensure they receive the entire dose.

Will it make my animal go off feed?

We have seen a relaxed appetite on some animals but once you are at the show their feed intake is not a must anymore. Your job at the show is to manage their fill and we have noticed on most animals that their roughage intake has increased making it easier to manage their fill.

Can I use All N to hold my animal from increased weight gain?

Yes! We have personally held animals and have had other families hold animals with All N. We had a family hold a barrow for 10 days on just 8 oz of All N and 1 lb of Milo twice a day. The barrow looked fresh the whole time and his chine bone never became visible.

Can I use All N to reduce weight and move to a smaller weight class?

Yes! All N will give the animal a more enhanced look with a lesser weight. We ask that if you have never used All N on this animal of another then please experiment at home weeks before the show to have a better judgement of how much weight All N will give you to play with. (Could be up to 10 lbs on goats/sheeps/pigs and could be up to 30 lbs on cattle. These are estimated weights from our experience)

Will All N test at a major show?

No! All the ingredients in All N are natural and will not now or ever test at any show.

Can I use other hydration products while using All N?

We have not and do not recommend using any other product because it could cause unwanted bloat or loose stool. We have had families in the past use other products without harm so please use caution if you choose to do so.

Can I use All N on my bred female?

We have had numerous families administer All N on their bred females without any harm. There is not anything in All N that would be considered harmful but we also know that all animals can react differently to products so please use with caution.

Will All N make my animal restricted in their movement?

We have not experienced any tightness or mobility issues due to the direct use of All N.

Can I give my animal too much All N or can I exceed the recommended dosage?

We are not aware at this time that too much All N is harmful. We have had steer families administer over one gallon starting apron a week out from show day however we feel we have noticed as good results possibly giving the increased dosage closer to show day. We have had families with goats and sheep recommend half the dosage if you are jackpoting the animal versus a final show. They experienced a little more of a relaxed appetite once home after the jackpot and the next jackpot they reduced the dosage amount and saw good results without a crash afterwards. We are still learning as families are using All N and not all animals respond the same to hydration products.